Domino & Storm

“I love that I can do something with my boys and I love meeting people and making a difference. One of the best things I have ever done!”

Claire Curtis  Storm

Name: Claire Curtis with Domino and Storm Curtis

Type of dogs: Whippets

Location: Tasmania

Visits: Aged care

Volunteering: 2 years

Enjoys most: Witnessing the gift my dog can give to other people

Dog enjoys:  Storm enjoys the scones and Domino enjoyed his Roast Beef lunch once!  They are sociable boys and they love the pats and attention and meeting everyone.


Experiences: Storm and I were visiting the respite centre and a lady who was not so sure of dogs admitted that she really enjoyed Storm and after a few visits we arrived and she had made her son go shopping and by a packet of smackos (dog treats)  just for Storm.  I thought that was lovely (and so did Storm).

On the other side a staff person at my facility was bitten by a Whippet as a young girl so you can imagine her reaction to us.  We entered a room, she left.  It took 12 months and she asked to pat Storm if I held his head and just recently she fed him some biscuit which I have to say I was really proud!

Claire Curtis  Domino

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