“Hamish is the original Classroom Canine.”

Glenda Brigman & Hamish

Name: Glenda Bridgman and Hamish

Type of dogs: Cocker Spaniel

Location: Victoria

Visits: Classroom Canine

Volunteering: 4 years

Enjoys most: I love visiting the children and watching them interact with Hamish.

Dog enjoys:  Hamish just accepts that it is part of his routine to visit school and be in amongst the children.

Reaction: The children love Hamish. They expect to see him every week and are disappointed if he is not there . They love to read to him and to share the stories with him. He is a valuable part of their school experience. The staff in the school are also wonderful to Hamish and myself.

The parents that we meet in the school all know about Hamish.

Experiences: One day recently one of the boys in the grade we visit didn’t want to go to school. This boy has some learning difficulties so school is not his favourite place to be at times. His Mum was having trouble convincing him he had to go until he realised it was Tuesday which is “Hamish” day. Once he realised that Hamish was going to be at school he couldn’t get to school quick enough. When we arrived we went to him so that he could read to Hamish. Hamish sat on my knee and rested his head on the boys arm while he read. The smile on his face was priceless as he gently patted Hamish as he read his book.

 Over the years there have been many incidents with the children that have confirmed the value of the Classroom Canine Program. There has also been great feedback from the teachers and Principals involved in the program.


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