“I ulitise the skills I have been building throughout the social work degree I have been studying at university.”

Name: Rebecca & Freddie

Type of dog: Boston Terrier

Location: Victoria

Visits: Prison; Mental health

Volunteering: 1 year

Why: I wanted to be able to give back to the community in which I live and ulitise the skills I have been building throughout the social work degree I have been studying at university. I didn’t want to give up the precious time that I did have with Freddie that I think is so important to a dog.  I was so pleased with the pet partners concept because we are able to work together, both giving back a little love, time and attention to those in our community who need it most.

Enjoys most: I enjoy spending time with people from such extremely different backgrounds to myself, and who have seen such a different world from what I see everyday.  The stories I hear are always so interesting!  I also enjoy finding our similarities, and there seems to be nothing more unifying that the love of a pet.

Dog enjoys:  One hour of constant attention, affection and praise…what isn’t there to love about it!

Reaction: The staff are always pleased to the arrival of Freddie, he is such a warm and joyful little dog.  The women we visit have various reactions, but those who get the most out of our time there are those who miss their own pets, have had animals in the past that they have developed a bond with, and women who like to feel loved and adored for that time they have with Freddie.

Experiences: There is a women who is considered very tricky to manage on the ‘unit’, a bad communicator and even hostile and aggressive at times.  With Freddie and I she is a gorgeous gentle girl that sits quietly with Freddie, pats him and praises him constantly.  It is nice for the staff to see a different side to her, and it must be nice for her to have a relaxing time with a non-judgmental little soul who just knows the kindness he receives from her.  She is always so excited when we visit and is always appropriate and thoughtful, getting a water bowl for Freddie is one of the first things she will offer to do.

Rebecca & Freddie


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