“Having Mindy there to cuddle seemed to make the week just a little more bearable”

Patty Crawford  Mindy

Name: Patty Crawford & Mindy

Type of dogs: Spaniel  X Poodle (Spoodle)

Location: NSW

Visits: Aged care once a week

Volunteering: 3 years

Why: I chose to do this work because I wanted to use my spare time in a way that made a real difference to people’s lives.  Mindy is a very special dog and I enjoy spending time with her so, I combined my passion for making a difference with my joy of spending time with Mindy.

Enjoys most: My favourite thing is seeing the smile on the resident’s faces when they see her or get a kiss from her.  I also love knowing that they enjoy having us there.

Dog enjoys:  The love and attention – and she gets heaps of it!

Reaction: I think they love having us as company.  Almost every person (resident or staff) that walks by us as we sit in the lounge area stops and has a chat to or about Mindy and many want to pat her.  But everyone always has a smile on their face when they see her.

Experiences: Recently, there was a week or two filled with too many sad moments – when some special residents passed away unexpectedly.  One, in fact, was a great fan of Mindy’s.  When Mindy and I arrived that week after 2 of the 3 funerals, the residents that visited us that day were more than glad to see us.  While we were all sad for our loss, having Mindy there to cuddle seemed to make the week just a little more bearable. 

Sadly, I am moving to London in July so I will have to say goodbye to my friends at the aged care facility but it has been my absolute privilege to be able to share my special friend, Mindy, with some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known.  Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime.

And a big thank you Patty & Mindy from Delta!


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