I can still give so much and there is so much to give.”

 Karen &  Rocky

Name: Karen Ritky & Rocky

Type of dog: Springer Spaniel

Location: New South Wales

Visits: Aged care; Mental health visits

Volunteering: 6 months

Why: To be able to share the love I have for Rocky with others.

Enjoys most: Seeing the reaction on the patients’ faces when they see Rocky and how they respond.

Dog enjoys:  Wandering around, “chatting” to everyone and what they have for him to eat!!

Reaction: Very positive and happy to see us every time we go there.

Experiences: Watching Anne, who does not speak, remember Rocky’s name – and to say it every week too!

I am still very new to the programme – I find it very caring – feel I can still give so much and there is so much to give.


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