“The doctors and nurses go crazy when we walk in.”

Shannon &  Mawson

Name: Shannon McKay & Mawson

Type of dog: Rottweiler X

Location: Victoria

Visits: Hospital

Volunteering: One year

Why: I love to see the smiles on the faces of the people that we visit in the hospital when they see and pat Mawson. Many of these people are missing their pets at home and love to have that contact with a dog up close; I really believe that it assists their healing.

Enjoys most: We especially love visiting the children’s ward, the smiles on the kids there is great and many of them can’t believe it when they see Mawson strutting down the hall towards them!

Dog enjoys:  The pats and cuddles that he receives from the kids (and he also enjoys giving them a good lick as well!)

Reaction: I have to say that I expected to get the best response from the patients in the hospital but it’s the doctors and nurses that go crazy when we walk in! Most people that we visit and staff cannot believe how big Mawson is, they think a small pony has come to visit!

Experiences: The looks on the faces of the kids of a local kindergarten that was visiting the hospital’s children’s ward when we arrived for a visit one day, their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when a dog walked in to the ward to meet them all!

Unfortunately I wasnot able to visit for 6 months due to positive testing during pathology, but now Mawson has been given the all clear and we cannot wait to get back into it!

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