“Beau enjoys the attention and I think he would know the routine without me.”

 Wendy & Beau

Name: Wendy Mutton and Beau

Type of dog: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Location: New South Wales

Visits: Aged care; Mental health visits

Volunteering: 6 months

Enjoys most: The peoples’ response to Beau as many have left beloved pets behind.

Dog enjoys:  He does enjoy the attention and I think he would know the routine without me.  He is particularly sensitive to those who are confined to their rooms.

Reaction: They are always very welcoming and friendly.  At the Dementia unit the staff always inform me which patients to visit or not visit.  We also visit the day centre and we are made very welcome.  At the Nursing Home some people are confined to their rooms and they always welcome us.

Experiences: One of the ladies confined to her room at the Nursing Home always made a fuss over Beau as she was a dog lover.  She was on oxygen and always wanted him as close to her as possible and said she always looked forward to our visits.  Sadly she has now passed on.

When I put on my red shirt and his bandana Beau becomes quite excited and knows where we are going.  I find being a member of Delta Pet Partners a very rewarding experience.

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