“…Sharing the joy I get from my dog with others who probably need his love more than I do.”

 Grazia & Zac

Name: Grazia & Zac

Type of dog: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Location: New South Wales

Visits: Aged care

Volunteering: 2 months

Why: I’m passionate about making old folks’ lives less lonely and my dog loves meeting new people.

Enjoys most: Seeing the pleasure Zac gives just by being himself. He, in turn, loves it because he gets cuddles and treats just for being his friendly, loving self.

Dog enjoys:  The interaction and pats.

Reaction: Absolutely amazing to see faces light up when we come in. The staff enjoy watching us do tricks.

Experiences: We’ve only been going for a short time, but on our last visit I felt we made a breakthrough. A lady in the dementia ward’s face lit up when she saw us and another came and patted my arm as she shuffled past. These are people who don’t display any emotion but their delight at seeing and recognising us was a huge buzz as I feel we’re starting to build relationships.

A little while later, I got the whole dementia ward involved with clapping for Zac every time he did a trick – roll over, stick em up, bang bang! The staff were so excited to see the patients interacting, even if it was only just watching us.

I am so proud to be doing what I do. And sharing the joy I get from my dog with others who probably need his love more than I do. And I get to spend time with Zac on my weekends, rather than having to leave him at home while doing good in my local community.

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