“There hasn’t been a visit (and there have been lots) that I haven’t been touched by some special moment.”

 Pam & Babe

Name: Pam Davis & Babe

Type of dog: Labrador

Location: New South Wales


Visits: Aged care; Mental health; Palliative care; Children     

Volunteering: 4 years

Why: In the beginning I saw it as a way on giving back to the facility where my mother had lived for 22 years but it is a lot more that – I love the program, I can work the hours in with my work schedule and my dog can be with me.

Enjoys most: Even on the coldest day and on a days when I just don’t feel like visiting the minute we walk through the door and see the smile on the residents faces I know we have made a difference.

There hasn’t been a visit (and there have been lots) that I haven’t been touched by some special moment.

Dog enjoys:  Babe loves the attention and loves doing all her tricks over and over again – the more laughter the more she seems to enjoy it. The best part she is with me!

Reaction: The residents, even the dementia residents know when our visit is scheduled and look forward to it each week – in all the facilities I have visited I have only had two residents that didn’t like the dog.  I currently have one at the moment and the staff take her to her room while we visit so she doesn’t get distressed.

The staff at all the facilities I have visited are wonderful and never a visit goes by that I not thanked for my time.

Family and friends that are visiting are also very grateful for what we do and I have made lifelong friendships through my visits.

Experiences: There was a lady in a dementia unit that used to scream and pace all day so when we visited she used to walk with Babe and talk to her and the scream would settle while we were there and according to staff for some time latter.  This particular visit she was in palliative care (still in her room) with family so I just said I was so sorry and kept going – half an hour into my visit a family member asked if I would come in to see her – not a lot of room so backed Babe in beside her and got her hand and placed it on Babe and the resident stroked her and said, “bye bye Babe” the first words she had spoken that day (this moment brought tears as well as smiles to all in the room – she passed away that night.

The other special time was at a special school and a child that had only movement in one arm and hand and didn’t like dogs – with the teacher we got a little closer each week until his toes touched her and then some weeks later finally Babe sat in a chair beside him and he hugged her – the other students still remind me how happy he was.

There is one special moment at least every visit.

I have met the most amazing people and heard some amazing stories through my short time with Delta – Everyone involved in Delta are so supportive and I am totally passionate about the program.

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