“Stamos’ visits are the highlight of theirs and our day.”


Name: Christina & Stamos

Type of dog: Cavoodle

Location: Queensland

Visits: Residential care

Volunteering: 1 year

Enjoys most: Watching the patients interact with my dog and reaching out to touch Stamos.

Dog enjoys:  All the attention she receives.

Reaction: Everyone greets us with happy smiles and pats. Many are elated when they see the dog and can’t wait to pet her.

Experiences: Stamos visits rooms within the hospice centre where she may see 6 to 8 people in that room.  She was on the wheelchair tray of one patient and I must have been blocking the view of another patient who wanted to see her.  I felt a light tugging on my shirt and I turned to see a patient pulling at me to get me out of the way so he could have a clear view of Stamos.  I was very surprised when I was being “repositioned” by Robert and I apologized to him for blocking his view.  These lovely clients are nonverbal and for the most part immobile and cannot easily express themselves.  I found it a to be quite special that my dog visiting is so important to them that they make sure in their own special way to make themselves known when my dog and I visit the centre.

I really enjoy how Stamos starts to whine when she gets close to the centre and how determined she is to stay on their trays and make them feel comfortable.  Some who were afraid of dogs are now very accustomed to Stamos and love her visits.  It is the highlight of theirs and our day.

Stamos close up

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