“The effect was pure magic.”

  Betty & Aslan

Name: Betty Jackman & Aslan

Type of dogs: Collie

Location: Tasmania

Visits: Aged care; Residential care

Volunteering: 4 years

Why: I love this work because of the joy and the many smiles a dog can bring to residents and staff

Enjoys most: The friendships we make and the wonderful welcome Aslan receives

Dog enjoys: Aslan loves meeting people, especially children and those with disabilities. He also loves the food (treats)!

Reaction: Very warm and welcoming

Experiences: On one occasion, in an aged care facility, a carer introduced Aslan and I to a lady who loved dogs but had had a stroke and was practically immobilized. There was no reaction from the lady until the carer managed to place one of her hands on Aslan’s head. Though there was still no smile, the light in the lady’s eyes was unmistakable and when I moved Aslan away, she reached out with her hand to touch him again. The carer was so moved she was in tears, as this was the first time this lady had moved her hand unaided.

Then there was another time, a visitor was coming with a small child who was throwing a rip-roaring tantrum, so I took Aslan over in the hope of creating a diversion. The effect was pure magic. The child stopped yelling immediately and a look of pure joy came over his face as he started to stroke Aslan, and that’s no exaggeration. Aren’t dogs wonderful?!

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