I had one daughter cry when her mother responded to Marty as her mother had not spoken in six months.” 

 Gina &  Marty

Name: Gina McKinlay and Marty

Type of dogs: Mixed breed (Kelpie, Sheeo dog, Blue Heeler, Whippet)

Location: Tasmania

Visits: Aged care

Why: I started up the NW Tasmania Delta Pet Partner Team for Marty.  He is a very loving dog who needs lots of company and love.  So DPP was one way of providing for this need.  Now, I do it as much for myself as for Marty.   I enjoy my visits, have made lots of friends and see the joy that Marty brings to the home. 

Enjoys most: I mostly enjoy being part of an added community.  It’s a different world being part of a home – in fact it is a number of worlds, depending on the the relevant area, eg nursing, dementia, day care centre and hostel.

Dog enjoys:  Marty enjoys all the attention.  While he has a number of favourite clients, he is delighted to see everyone.

Reaction: Marty knows his job and tailors his reactions to the client, eg he is always most gentle to dementia residents, eg he will stand or sit quietly while they pat (and drool on) him.  Marty is excellent at drawing out dementia residents, eg a number of residents that do not talk anymore will talk weekly to Marty. 

The value of Marty is appreciated by staff who ask me to visit particular people because (the resident) is sick or distressed.  Staff inform me that a visit from Marty makes their job easier.

Marty & patient

Experiences: I had one daughter cry when her mother responded to Marty as her mother had not spoken in six months. 

One person attending the Day Care Centre was extrememly rude to everyone until Marty worked his magic.  It took a few visits but this person is now integrated into the group and does not cause distress to other persons attending or to staff.

Marty in pram with residents


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