Tribute to Lucy

                        MY TRIBUTE TO LUCY & HER MUM SUSAN

Lucy visiting Barry

Susan says to Lucy. We are going to the gardens today, just you and me, Lucy knows which gardens she is going to for many people to see.

It is Jamison Gardens a home for the elderly and other people where we get love and care, but nothing compares to peoples best friend, when she licks a blind mans hand and he can pat her and stroke her beautiful hair.

She can sense the people who are seriously ill, and will stay with them a little bit longer to make them feel special as Lucy knows they cannot be helped with another pill.

Lucy had a special friend in dear old Glady who at ninety six she was becoming closer to the end, and Glady knew it would not be long before she would not see her best friend again.

It’s a big day for Lucy when she comes to see, and bring Love and Joy to eighty people from all around the Globe, and Politicians, Church Leaders, and others trying to bring other Countries together spend a day with Lucy and she will show you all the answers by giving everyone love and how it grows.

There are many dogs like Lucy around this great country called “The lucky Country” Australia, and one of our common sayings is “Good day Neighbour” and it shows we don’t have many failures.

I am in a room with my mate Syd. It is Lucy’s last port of call, I ensure there is a dish of water for her in a way to say thank you from us all. She says good day to Syd, then comes straight over to me sitting on my bed, not far from my garden door.

She gives me a nudge and looks at me as if to say, I received your weekly e-mail that I get my Mum to read, I know you started to teach me but you only got to D and people who don’t know my name and say what a lovely dog and I know that starts with D.

Knowing her days work is done she lays down on my bed for a while and looks over at her Mum to say “Is it alright if I lay down with Barry for a rest that we both need” Mum knows as a Border Collie they are working dogs and knows it is in her breed.

I know Lucy you have kept me going when I thought I was gone, I would pull out my photos of you and look at my favourite one. That’s when you are sitting and looking out to sea and wondering like a lot of us humans is that where we all came from.

I could go on and on Lucy about you and your Mum, the connection you both have if it happened to people in Marriage there would be no Divorces because their love for each other would always be fun.

I would like to say one of the biggest days in Australia is a horse race  called the “Melbourne Cup”, I remember in 1951 it was won by a horse called Delta and some people did say where did he come from. I know you are also a Delta dog and when a lot of people meet you for the first time, I can hear them saying why has it taken so long.


One day when the Clergy came it was a Friday and Lucy was sitting on my bed, I will bet that Lucy who I would not move shared Holly Communion with me is the only dog who also shared the bread.

She listened to the bible being read and waiting to hear if they mention “Noahs Ark” I think she wanted to know what breed of dog was on board,  and because it has not been found wondered if anyone heard them bark!

Every day visitors from families come, it’s a special day for them too, and if they see Lucy up ahead they know she has been to see them even if they are confined to bed.

Lucy knows a lot of the visitors like my room mates daughter Gail, she says hello to them too by wagging her tail.

From the Management right down to the staff, she knows she must say good day to them too, as she does not do things in half.

Martin Luther King said once, “I will climb the Mountain”. Well I have climbed the Summit and found myself a Fountain.

Lucy before I finish this tribute to you, I wonder like when I was really ill I would ask you to keep wagging your tail, and ever since it has not stopped, it is not my heart I am talking about, it is your tail, because if it falls off so will I be off and where I will go I will not be able to talk about my best friend Lucy or able to tell other tales.

Barry Meekings, a resident at “Jamison Gardens”. Thank you Lucy, my best friend forever and forever.

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