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Here is our featured dog (click on the picture to read more and see more pics):

 Here are all the dogs who have been featured previously:

Week                      Dog

19th Oct 2009     Wolfie     his tricks thrill patients & parents

12th Oct 2009     Zac           When you have no friends…

28th Sep 2009     Bob         snoozes with the patients

21st Sep 2009     Macgregor        starts wars!

14th Sep 2009     Mawson           small pony or  Rottweiler?!

7th Sep 2009       Chaz & Ginger     unconditionally

31st Aug 2009      Shilo        makes people smile

24th Aug 2009     Mindy      sad to leave

17th Aug 2009     Bette Davis    a  media star

10th Aug 2009     Stamos      makes their day

3rd Aug 2009       Lucy        socks & biscuits

27th Jul 2009       Huey        therapy at both ends of the leash

20th Jul 2009       Bailey & Wilson       a family of therapists 

13th Jul 2009       Chausette              a gentle giant


Here are our other most popular dogs (according to no. of views)
  1. Domino & Storm
  2. Hamish
  3. Zac
  4. Freddie
  5. Nikki

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