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Leigh Snow Humanity Award 2007

July 29, 2009
 Len & Sheila Mills with Miss Marigold & Dolly

 Len & Sheila Mills with David Snow

Len and Sheila Mills joined the Delta Pet Partners program in March 2003 when they were assessed with Miss Marigold their mini long haired dachshund and subsequently attended the training day. The main reason for joining the Pet Partners program was because they had a sick grand daughter who was in hospital for long hours and they could see the benefit of having their dog spend time with her.

From day one their commitment to the Pet Partners Program was apparent. They were first placed in the House with no Steps in Penrith. This facility required them to work one on with one of the residents. They also were placed at Courtlands Retirement Village and visited the dementia ward which they are still visiting at today. Then a place came up for them to visit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and they jumped at it.

They continued to acquire mini dachshund in the hope of having a new dog to assist Miss Marigold and in 2006 they found Dolly with flying colours.

In 2007, the Ernst & Young Project came up and they put their hands up yet again to work on this project. It involves using the Delta dogs with children in long term rehabilitation and working with the physio therapy department at the Children’s Hospital to help relive the mundane and routine tasks that these children need to go through.

They also donate their time to assist with volunteer assessment days and Sheila always provides the lovely home made bake goods for morning tea. Their dedication and commitment to visiting and the program in general is outstanding. They are at nearly every fundraising event including travelling to Tuggerah on the Central Coast on one occasion. They promote the program through their local dog club and help other new volunteers joining the program with their visits. They project a wonderful sense of camaraderie and are happy all the time. 

 Quote from Hollee (Delta Manager): “When I feel like things are not always going right with the Program and there are no positive vibes, I always think of the Mills and wonder what they would do if we didn’t keep trying to make the Program better. They are an inspiration.!!!”

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